Yes, the Funtrek GM-130 can support third party software.
Just need to do some simple settings then the third party software will embedded on our system.

But first of all, please make sure your third party software can match the conditions below:

  1. It can operated under WinCE 5.0 platform.
  2. It can support 240×400 pixels resolution.

If above conditions are correct, the GM-13O can use two ways to start-up 3rd party software:

  1. Holux shell AP + OS_Win CE 5.0 (it belong Holux standard product)
    Please download and refer our files about setting example and instruction as below link.
    Please copy our example “app” folder to GM-130 of Flash memory, then it should be work.
    And you can do similar setting on your 3th party software as same as our example, it can be added
    many kind of application software into GM-130.
  2. It only have OS_Win CE 5.0 without Holux shell AP( it belong customization product)
    In this case, you should be get related inventing utility and detail document and Holux will assist
    to modify some OS setting by customization for a lot quantity order.
    Please try to contact our sales unit, it would be processed by special project.