For example you try to enter the coordinate destination (N 46.52.418 / E 008.94.568). For E the 4th number should be 9 but on GPSport 260 you can only choose 1-5. You can not choose 6, 7, 8 or 9.

According to latitude and longitude conversion rule with 60-bit mode,it convert to Degress / Minutes / Seconds format, the number value of “minutes” only define 1-5 without over 6-9.

Holux would suggest you trying enter this coordinate value in Google-Earth or Google-Maps to check out whether it is available, Holux couldn’t find this position on Google-Earth.

By the way, you could try to refer this Latitude & Longitude instruction on Wikipedia website, it should be helped you to figure out:

So, it isn’t a device’s bug or issue. The current rule does make sense and is correct.