Automatic back-light brightness based on the external environment automatically adjust the
backlight brightness to get the double effect that are suitable light level and power saving.

  1. At the dark environment, the backlight level has two grade. This two backlight level is
    suitable for dark environments . If the backlight level increase, while the surrounding
    environment is very dark, so it will feel with the screen is dazzling. But also a waste of
  2. Dark ~ Medium brightness (such as offices, under the shade of sunny outdoor, etc.),
    the backlight to adjust from low to high, medium brightness up to four.
  3. Medium intensity ~ high brightness (such as direct sunlight light sensor), the
    backlight to adjust the order: high ~ low, up to 0. The external environment more light,
    more dark backlight settings. To achieve power saving effect.

Therefore, the principle of automatic backlight adjustment is appropriate enough for the backlight,
and can save electricity. The adjust rule that it is similar a parabola opening downwards. From
darkness to direct sunlight, the backlight level from low to high and get back to low during this
process .

Not simply have been reduced or has increased. These are experiments in the actual environment
before, you can compare the two, an automatic backlight, a free set in a dark room (preferably dark
pitch-dark, Oh), outdoor,Under the sun and other environmental feel to see.