Holux checked out the problem should be the coordinate content definition was different with it’s software.
Please try to refer Holux *.gpx file with notepad, you will see our ezTour plus export GPX file content as below. It can be recognized and supported to import by ezTour planner.

<trkpt lat=”24.779260635″ lon=”121.108963013″>

But this website’s GPX file of content was showing as below, it was totally different with Holux version
(it didn’t include time data) and that’s why Holux ezTour planner couldn’t import the GPX file.

<wpt lat=”47.2500555″ lon=”8.8191948″>
<name>015 rechts</name>
<sym>City (Small)</sym>

And Holux have to remind you the GPX file can depend on different request to define for customer requirement even its file and GPX version were same.

Therefore Holux software can’t guarantee to support all of GPX file where you download on internet. It isn’t easy to deliver all of GPX content with recognizable in Holux software.

Source: holux.com, translation reworked