In the initial model, if a magnet field is too close with ANT+ sensor, the sensor will have a possibility that keeps awake.

Holux solved this problem by designing a whole new hardware/firmware since January, 2011.
The ANT+ sensor now will suspend automatically. In this mode, battery can standby for about one year.

Therefore, this kind of problem shouldn’t happened again.
We suspect the problem might because the local reseller still sells the older version sensor.

There are two methods can help you verify the version of your sensor:

  1. Please check your the P/N and S/N of your sensor and provide these info to us.
  2. Please measure the mercury battery of voltage capacity (New one is ~3.1V, but almost consumed
    to the end is ~2.5V)?

Also you can contact your original reseller for support or repair if necessary.
Or you can contact our RMA for repairing processĀ :

Hint: The RMA-service of the Holux company is not more available.