Holux.com is offline

The websites of the manufacturer Holux are no longer accessible. Holux users will not find any information, downloads (drivers, software etc.) or support at holux.com. Read more in this article – “Holux.com is offline“.

Free project: Holux.info

A former technician of Holux Germany and a former Holux specialist dealer are designing this free project. Holux users continue to receive detailed information about Holux GPS devices and support with questions or problems.

This “leisure project” is completely independent of the former manufacturer Holux. The idea behind it was born because Holux leaves its customers and users alone without prior notice. Many Holux products were still advertised and were still available when the manufacturer Holux discontinued the operation of its websites and support.

Especially the close coupling of many Holux GPS data loggers to the software “ezTour” is problematic – ezTour is no longer developed further and there are already problems with the display of the maps in the software, because the Google Maps API in ezTour is no longer updated.

The dependency on functioning drivers for current operating systems also presents many Holux users with current and future challenges that can hardly be solved without support.

From a financial and ecological point of view, it would be a pity to retire a Holux GPS that actually works well because of software, firmware or driver problems.

Here, Holux.info should offer a platform where many questions about problems can be answered.


Do you have questions or need support? We try to help free of charge. Suggestions and constructive criticism are also welcome.


    Contents on Holux.info

    FAQ – Database with frequently asked questions and answers

    Large parts of the Chinese and English FAQ’s from the former Holux website “holux.com” are taken over, corrected, translated into “better” English language and extended with current tips.

    Forum for Holux community

    Holux users can mutually benefit from their experiences and exchange in the forum. Many problems can be solved more easily with different solutions.

    Holux product information and technical data

    In addition, users will find lots of relevant information and technical data about their Holux products. The list of Holux products with info’s and technical data is far from complete at the start of this project. However, the product database will be constantly expanded over time.

    Support area for software, drivers, firmware

    Information about software, drivers and firmware for Holux products is provided.

    Since software is generally subject to copyright protection, the Holux.info project cannot offer the software for download without the author’s permission. Due to the no longer available contact possibilities to Holux it is difficult to get a permission.

    The team at Holux.info therefore researches whether alternative sources still exist – e.g. old Holux download archives that are still active, original manufacturers of drivers and software, or drivers and software compatible with Holux products.

    If authors of software and drivers for Holux products want to make their works available for download for the Holux.info project, this would be fantastic :)

    Suggestions and constructive criticism is welcome

    The operators of this project are happy to receive suggestions, requests and constructive criticism. Write a mail or use the possibility of a comment below this article.